The NFL offseason is upon us and it's time to fantasize about free agent signings.

Only so much is possible though depending on your team's cap space.

Good news for Bengals and Browns fans: Both teams are well under the cap and should be able to pursue some quality free agents.

The Browns are one of the teams in the best position, according to a numbers breakdown by

They estimate the Browns have more than $45 million in cap space with which to work.

The Bengals are also in the top 10 with the most space at an estimated value of more than $23 million.

So who are some of the free agents available to target?

Rotoworld lists the 2014 class by position and "loosely" in order of value. Some of the top names, of course, will be franchised and never hit the market.

Michael Vick's best days may be behind him at 33 years old but he's one of the more palatable options at the quarterback position. That says more about the rest of the potential prospects than Vick.

Running back, where the Browns could look to make a signing, features a much more desirable group, with guys like Ben Tate, Knowshon Moreno, Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew set to be free agents.