What can Brown do for you?

If you are a Phillies fan, it is time for Dom Brown to shine. The Phillies have shown tremendous patience and confidence in the rightfielder, but after three years of dabbling in the majors, Brown’s window is slowly closing.

The good news is that Brown is having a terrific spring with a .432 batting average and three home runs. The Phillies desperately need that type of productivity out of Brown because the other options at corner outfielder are all struggling.

Darin Ruf is hitting .188, John Mayberry Jr. is batting just .225 and Delmon Young is still sidelined after ankle surgery.

Brown is just 25 years old, but we have been hearing about him for years as this prize prospect in the Phillies organization. His numbers with the big club have been poor in his 147 games since 2010. Brown’s batting average with the Phillies is just .236 in 433 at-bats, including 93 strikeouts. That's a far cry from what everyone expects out of Brown.

There are 18 more exhibition games before things start for real on April 1 in Atlanta. That’s three weeks for Brown to fine tune his game and be ready to provide a huge boost for the ballclub. With the Phillies' lineup rapidly aging, players like Brown and Ruf are key pieces to the future of the franchise. However, if progress isn’t made this season and the club doesn’t contend for a playoff spot, then Phillies fans better get ready for a few years of rebuilding.