Brooks Laich did not skate for a second straight day after he took himself out of practice early on Tuesday.

The versatile forward who tweaked his hip flexor on Sept. 5 said he experienced tightness during Tuesday’s workout and as a precaution opted to leave the ice. Laich insists it is a precautionary measure and that he learned from trying to push himself through a lingering groin problem last season that taking the safe route is often the necessary one.

It’s unclear if Laich will be able to participate in either of the final two preseason games. Asked Wednesday if he would be comfortable playing Laich on opening night even if the forward didn’t see more preseason time Coach Adam Oates said he hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

“It would be a tough decision. I don’t want to commit either way” Oates said. “Hopefully that’s not the case.”