Now that it’s been established as corporate policy that an employee’s job security has no relationship with actual achievement, this may be a good time to review a few facts before the party starts.

1. This Brooklyn team that we watch with grudging admiration ended up with a 35-19 record under its interim coach, which is the equivalent of a 53-29 landmark season, if you have the imagination and math skill to stretch it out to a full year.

2. The Nets finished with the No. 4 seed, despite the fact that their franchise player was a lardbody with a bad wheel until the break, their $20 million shooting guard had his worst season in a decade, and their $10 million small forward has a 39 percent stroke that makes spectators shield their children’s eyes.

3. The Nets posted a 34-6 mark against losing teams, which tells you that they don’t underprepare or take nights off or tune out the substitute teacher who insists on full attention at all times.

4. The Nets finished with an overall mark of 49-33 despite having an unsettled power forward position, one that employs a one-dimensional stopgap who probably could not start for any other team.

5. And the Nets have learned how to win despite having a below-average team defensively – one ranked 18th overall (adjusted for pace), 23rd in field goal defense, and 26th in forced turnovers.