I'm not sure if you know this, but the Wizards were kind of bad offensively without John Wall. Just kidding. I know you knew that.

Their offense still ranks 30th in the league; they dug themselves in so deep a hole that they still haven't climbed all the way out yet. But Wall being back on the squad has definitely helped the Wizards pick up their offense. Their sound defeat of the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night was a testament to how well-oiled their offense has become. They took down a team with seasoned vets, former and current All-Stars, and a big-market ego by 15 points. Wall has been back on the team for 16 games, and in those games (a record of 9-7) the Wizards rank 24th in the league in offense. Not stellar, but not the cellar. That's not exactly a motto I'd tattoo on myself anytime soon, but not being last is refreshing.

But on the flip side (and arguably, the more important side), it's also no secret that the Wizards have been a good defensive team all season.

As odd as that sentence may sound to any long-term fans of the team, it's 100 percent true. Randy Wittman's squad has played fantastic defense, and it's a tribute to their sets and their collective mental commitment that they've played so well on that side of the ball.

"It's just a matter of five guys being connected, and we're connected right now," Wittman said on Friday. "We're covering for each other and that's the main thing. We've got five guys that are committed defensively. Are you gonna make mistakes? Yeah. But I like our mistakes now because they're aggressive."