It’s still unclear what the Colts plan to do when Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning returns to town on Sunday night but one thing is clear — Manning will not be individually introduced before the game.

Per multiple league sources the NFL no longer allows visiting team to introduce specific players. Instead the visiting team is now introduced as a group. The Broncos haven’t requested any type of exemption for Sunday night and we’re told they don’t plan to.

Thus while at some point there will be an occasion for the crowd to give Manning his much-deserved multi-minute standing ovation it won’t happen via the P.A. announcer declaring “. . . and at quarterback Peyton Manning!”

The Broncos have twice before introduced specific players who were making their homecomings. In 2009 Denver brought Dawkins back to Philly for a rollicking reprise of his Weapon X routine. The Broncos went through a similar experience when safety John Lynch returned to Tampa.