As reinstatement from his six-game NFL suspension drew near Von Miller started counting down the hours.

One week and two days. Three days and two hours. One day and 11 hours.

"It hasn't gone by fast though" he said during a sitdown interview with The Denver Post. "A lot of people have said it went by fast. It hasn't. It wasn't easy. And I don't want to get away from that. I want to stay with that focus that it's not easy."

Beginning Monday morning Miller is a free man. The Broncos' star pass-rushing linebacker has been sprung from a six-game suspension by the NFL for violating its drug policy. There were plenty of restrictions. He couldn't practice. Couldn't play. Couldn't travel with the team. And he would not be paid.
If the Broncos missed him they had a funny way of showing it. They went 6-0 without him.

He could attend meetings. He could watch and cheer on the Broncos which he did from the same spot in his house.

Mostly though Miller spent time getting himself in top physical condition. As Miller walked into the interview wearing a long-sleeve white athletic shirt dark sweat pants and his trademark eyeglasses the immediate impression was he had been hitting the weight room. He's up to 262 pounds — he started his rookie season at 246 pounds — but he has lost 2 percent of body fat which now measures at a sculpted 10 percent.

"I still move like a wildcat" Miller said. "I'm still quick. I'm still going to cover guys. I'm in the best shape of my life. Emotionally I'm in a very good place. Nutrition I've stepped it up. Usually during the season you get away from it because everything is moving so fast."

Through his agency Athletes First Miller agreed to speak publicly for the first time since before he learned Aug. 20 that the league had increased his suspension from four to six games.