Peyton Manning is part owner of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies and point guard of the Broncos' offense.
Not literally, of course. It's actually his wife, Ashley, who holds a small percentage of George Karl's future employer.
But Manning will be running the Broncos' fast-tempo offense this fall, dishing to a trio of hoop-equivalent 30-point scorers in Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker.
Ever see a basketball team with three 30-point scorers play with unity? Besides every four years in the Summer Olympics.
"I would say I'd rather have three 30-point scorers than three 10-point scorers," Manning said. "It's a good problem to have. I wouldn't call it a problem. It's a challenge."
Let's call a 90-plus NFL pass catcher the equivalent of a 30-point scorer in the NBA. So maybe just Welker and Thomas are the 30-point scorers, while Decker, who had 85 catches last year, is a 25-point guy.
Still, it's difficult to maintain offensive balance while so many hotshots get their numbers. The Broncos had superb pass-catching balance last year as slot receiver Brandon Stokley and tight ends Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen fell in behind outside receivers Thomas and Decker.
The mix this year removes Stokley and his 45 catches and replaces him with Welker, who in six previous seasons with the New England Patriots averaged 112.
Therein lies the biggest difference between the Broncos' passing game and New England's. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady delivers a heavy percentage of passes to his slot receiver or tight ends. His top two outside receivers the past three years had just 95 (Brandon Lloyd, Julian Edelman), 66 (Deion Branch, Chad Johnson) and 72 (Branch, Brandon Tate) combined receptions, an average of 78.