In a matter of hours, the Broncos will add their newest star, a highly paid scrub or nobody at all.

"We'll concentrate mostly on 31," Broncos general manager John Elway said. "And we'll look around to see if we can trade up or down."

Trade up from their No. 31 selection during the NFL draft's first round Thursday night and the Broncos can get that star, or at least a 2014 starter.

Trade back and the Broncos won't pick until Friday, when the NFL conducts the second and third rounds of its draft.

Stay put at No. 31 and the Broncos might get a player who spends most of his rookie year developing until he is ready to start full time by 2015.

"(First- and second-round picks) will not make an impact by definition of the fact that they are rookies," former NFL general manager Bill Polian said this week on an ESPN conference call. "They have to learn how to play professional football. Even fans would agree. People assume it takes a long time to learn the trade in Major League Baseball. ... In football, we assume rookies will make the difference between winning and losing, and they rarely do."

To get an elite player at a position of need, the Broncos probably would to have trade up. Middle linebacker or cornerback would be their targets.

First, their cornerback situation. The Broncos believe Aqib Talib is a very good No. 1 corner, and they supported their faith by agreeing to pay him $12 million this year. They also believe Chris Harris, an invaluable defensive player the previous three years, will fully heal from his partially torn anterior cruciate ligament injury and start the season opener Sept. 7 against the Indianapolis Colts.