When the news broke last week that Jameis Winston had been caught standing on a table and yelling a lewd obscene phrase in the Florida State student union, former Seminoles star Myron Rolle got a text message from Samari Rolle, his cousin and another former Florida State standout.

“He needs to stay another year,” it read.

It was a sentiment shared by many after Winson reaffirmed his status as college football’s most divisive player, with his student union antics earning him a one-game suspension. Winston even bungled the seemingly straight-forward task of sitting out the Seminoles game last Saturday against Clemson. He wore his full uniform onto the field and got a straight-to-GIF dirty look from Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher that ricocheted across the Internet on Saturday night.

Winston's consistently immature antics led multiple current and former NFL officials contacted by The Inside Read this week to opine that the best decision Winston could make would be to return to Florida State next season (he’d be a redshirt junior) and prove to NFL front offices that he can stay out of trouble.

“I think that’s a pretty easy decision,” one former NFL general manager said. “That would be my 100 percent advice. Come back and say, ‘Look, I made mistakes and learned from them. I have over a year of impeccable behavior that shows what I learned.’ Without question, that would go a long way.”

The flurry of off-field incidents that have dominated the NFL’s news cycle the past two weeks will only put more of a focus on Winston’s off-field issues. He’s been accused of rape -- though never charged -- in an incident from December 2012 that’s still reportedly under investigation by FSU officials. Other incidents included Winston allegedly stealing a soda at Burger King, crab legs from a local grocery store and he was also caught carrying a pellet gun near campus.