The Broncos have suspended Matt Russell indefinitely without pay and Tom Heckert is suspended one month without pay after their recent arrests on suspicion of drunken driving, the team announced Monday.

Broncos president Joe Ellis said in the news release: "This morning, we informed both Matt and Tom of the discipline as well as our expectations of them going forward. While they will be punished and held accountable, our first priority is their health and well-being. We must ensure they receive any care they need and support them however possible."

The team said has told the commissioner's office of its plans, and the NFL "has informed us it has no plans to impose additional discipline for this conduct," the release said.

Russell is the director of player personnel, which means he's next on the organizational ladder to executive vice president of football operations John Elway.

"It's particularly disappointing that two members of my staff acted so irresponsibly," Elway said in the release. "Simply put, it's unacceptable and inexcusable.

"I was extremely concerned when Tom Heckert notified me of his arrest in June. We talked about it as a staff, reinforced the intolerable nature of his actions and notified the league as we began the disciplinary process. To hear of Matt Russell's incident last week was especially disturbing considering the timing and severity of those allegations."

Heckert, a former general manager with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, was hired two months ago to become the Broncos' new director of pro personnel.

Along with their suspensions, the Broncos will provide confidential treatment for Russell and Heckert. Their status with the club will be re-evaluated at a later time.

"While Matt and Tom have apologized and taken accountability, it's most important they take advantage of whatever help they need," Elway said. "We will learn from this and take the necessary action as we move forward in a positive way."