There were 334 players on the initial invitation list to this year's NFL's scouting combine, which opens Wednesday in Indianapolis.

Although the annual gathering at Lucas Oil Field has more to do with who wins Super Bowls than most things that happen in free agency, it always comes with some what's-the-point commentary as the league puts the prospects through the paces.

The workouts are shorts-and-T-shirts affairs that aren't supposed to look like a game, despite plenty of folks who believe they somehow should. The most important part of the combine — the medical examination — is the part that isn't on live television.

For the Broncos, it has been the place where their recent draft classes have been assembled, front to back, top to bottom.

History says the Broncos' 2013 draft class will be roaming the lower levels of the downtown stadium over the next week or so.

There usually are from 35 to 50 players selected in the draft each year who were not invited to the combine. Last year there were 253 players selected in the draft, compensatory picks included, and 216 of those were combine invitees.That means 37 players in the draft class were not given the once-, twice-, or even three-times over in Indianapolis.