There was a time when MTV would label certain music videos "buzzworthy." If you happened to be paying attention to MTV Jams around 1997, this word mattered. Thrown in with the regular rotation of hits, "buzzworthy" was a cue that the song in question was a) new and b) could be big. The predictions didn't always come true, but it was a chance for sorta-hip teens everywhere to pretend they were insiders. This is worth remembering because no team in sports is currently more buzzworthy than the Timberwolves.

It's actually getting a little ridiculous. For the sake of balance, let's remember that Minnesota won 29 games this season. It hasn't made the playoffs since 2003–04. The Kings, an ongoing horror film of a franchise that defied belief on a near-weekly basis this season, still finished with a better record than the Timberwolves.

And yet in this exact moment all but a few fan bases would trade places with Minnesota's for the next 10 years. How does that make sense?

It starts with Karl-Anthony Towns. There will come a time when KAT hyperbole should be dialed back, but we're not there yet. He's 7 feet, 244 pounds, and he won't even turn 21 until early next season, yet he can do everything. Coast-to-coast on a fast break? Sure. Hit threes and stretch the floor? Yes. Punish smaller defenders with post moves? Definitely. A one-man interior defense who can also run the offense through the high post? That's the future.