Forgive Erik Murphy if he’s kind of bored with the broken nose he suffered in the first half of the Bulls’ summer-league victory over Portland on Tuesday.

“I broke my nose last week in practice in Chicago too,” the second-round pick said by phone from Las Vegas on Wednesday. “I guess it just kind of popped out again. It’s just a little broken nose. I’ll be all right.”

Ho and hum. Joel Quenneville, not to mention Tom Thibodeau, approves.

The Bulls, who drew the second seed in the new tournament format after going 3-0 in preliminary play, don’t play again until Thursday night. They face the Heat, who beat the Knicks 113-66 on Wednesday to advance.

If it’s up to Murphy, who suffered the injury after grabbing an offensive rebound and taking a whack across the face, he’ll be playing.

“I don’t have any concussion symptoms, so I hope the trainers clear me,” Murphy said. “I’m fine. I plan on playing.”