Kenny Britt knows he has not played well this season.

It has reflected of late in his diminished playing time as Britt did not start last week against the Kansas City Chiefs in his first game back from missing a week with a sore neck and ribs.

It also has the Tennessee Titans themselves in a predicament because they want Britt to play his way out of the slump he has been in all season. But they can't afford to have performances like Britt had Sunday with one catch among the six passes thrown to him with at least two key drops mixed in.

“I'm a competitive guy and I know I can go out there and do better than what I did on Sunday” Britt said. “There were some plays I left out on the field and I know that's not me. And that could have helped us win the game.”

Britt seems to have found his way at least partially in the doghouse with offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains and Coach Mike Munchak. However the Titans won't go so far as to make Britt a healthy scratch hoping he can somehow right himself soon. Britt even admits that he isn't exactly the favorite son right now with his play thus far in 2013.

“There's some bumps in the road but there's always going to be bumps in the road. This is definitely a bump in my career right now these first five weeks but I believe I can get out of it and I'm focused on getting out of it” Britt said Wednesday.

Britt said he believes he has pinpointed the problem he has had with drops.
“I believe it's attacking the football like I've been doing in practice. I feel like I've gotten away from it in the game and that's what I need to do is go back and focus on attacking the football” Britt said. “That's one of the things I want to get back to is attacking the ball and coming downhill when the ball is in the air and going up and getting it. That's one of the things I've gone back to in practice and I want to carry over to the field on Sunday.”

Britt will get his opportunity when the Titans travel to face the Seattle Seahawks and their standout cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. As a big physical receiver Britt could help the Titans tremendously if he can somehow find himself this week. Titans coach Mike Munchak is hoping that Britt or someone among the receiver group can find the hot hand against the Seahawks.

“There’s no doubt that (his size) helps. That’s why he’s in the rotation. That’s why he’s playing why he’s been out there to hope he’ll get the opportunity to do some of that along with (Justin) Hunter Kendall (Wright) and Nate (Washington). There will be five of them maybe six of them up. We’re going to need someone to get hot and get open and make plays” Munchak said.

Despite his problems Britt maintains that his confidence in himself isn't wavering.
“It's definitely not a lack of confidence. I know I can go out there and make plays. I'm still the player that I know I am and that everybody else knows I am” he said.