A year ago, Russell Wilson wasn’t dating a famous R&B singer. He also didn’t have an $87 million contract to live up to. So when he didn’t play well, no one questioned it. They just chalked it up to him having a bad game.

Wilson is dating a famous R&B singer now, though—um, Ciara, if you somehow haven’t noticed—and he does have a brand-new $87 million contract. So when he struggles, which is what he’s been doing for an unusually large portion of the 2015-16 NFL season, people assume that one of those two things must be the reason for it.

Wilson says that’s not the case. During an interview with the Seattle Times this week, he downplayed any negative effect that Ciara or new money is having on him.

“No, I don’t think so at all,” he said when he was asked if his new contract has caused him to feel more pressure. “People want to make it something else, but for me, I just love the game of football. I love working. I love coming to work. I love getting here early and leaving late. That’s what it’s about. I think ultimately I love the guys on this football team. Nothing has changed.”