When former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher announced his retirement in May one of the reasons he said he was retiring was because he didn't think he could 'bring a level of performance that's up to my standards.'

One of the reasons Urlacher couldn't play up to his standards is because he had a bad hamstring. The cause of that bad hamstring: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

During an interview with Wilson on Wednesday Urlacher credited -- or blamed depending on your point of view -- the second-year quarterback for ending his 13-year career.

"Russell I'm not sure if you know this or not but you ended my career basically last year on that third down in overtime" Urlacher said via FoxSports.com. "You were rolling out I was trying to chase you. Trying to chase you down I popped my hamstring and missed the last four games of the season. You ended it."

The play Urlacher's referring to was a third-and-2 situation for the Seahawks on the opening possession of overtime during the Bears Week 12 game against Seattle.