If you're a fan of the futuristic-looking face masks above we have some bad news for you: The NFL has banned them because they're an oppressive regime that saps originality out of every facet of the game. In corporate speak that sounds like this: The gear is “a prohibited non-standard customized face mask."
This development makes Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo very sad because well he's big on originality.

“I don't know” Orakpo said via the Washington Post. “It's kind of tough. Obviously it's different. And it does have a sort of look appeal to it. But it's also for protection as well. We're supposed to be all about protection and we get denied for something that benefits us. It's something that's kind of disheartening. ...

“I have to make a switch just for the time being after all that work” Orakpo continued. “But you know the league is funny about trying to alter stuff. We're still trying to fight it. But they obviously denied everybody. You had a lot of guys -- myself [Robert] Mathis Darnell Dockett. There's a lot of guys that got denied. It was pretty disheartening. But I'll be all right.”

One guy who wasn't denied? Chris Canty.