Barring something unforeseen, the Brewers' Opening Day lineup already has three outfielders penciled into it: Ryan Braun will play in left, Carlos Gomez is slated to get his first true full-time opportunity in center and Norichika Aoki will remain in right, where he spent most of 2012. Behind them, though, the picture gets a little murkier.

Conventional wisdom would suggest the Brewers have room on their roster for two bench outfielders, and here are the leading candidates to fill those spots:

Logan Schafer

Advantages: Of the leading candidates for this job, Schafer is the only true center fielder. He's also had some notable success in limited major league opportunities, hitting .308/.345/.500 over 24 games as a September callup in 2011 and 2012. He's 26 and has appeared in over 160 games in AAA, so it's probably time to see what he can do.
Disadvantages: Having a player with limited major league experience as your primary bench player is something teams always seem to shy away from. The most playing time Schafer could probably get in this role is 3-4 starts a week (split between center and right), so there's a chance the Brewers could want to get him more consistent playing time in AAA. That's the case for all these guys, though.