Marco Estrada's outing seemed vaguely familiar. Well, not so vague, really.

It didn't take long for Estrada's first start of the season Tuesday night for the Milwaukee Brewers against Colorado to resemble the opening-day outing of teammate Yovani Gallardo.

Just like Gallardo, Estrada saw his pitch count soar quickly, reaching 60 after only three innings. Much like Gallardo, Estrada was hurt by the long ball - and from the same two hitters, Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. And, exactly like Gallardo, Estrada was gone after five innings.

Estrada's saving grace - just like Gallardo - was that he kept the Rockies from blowing open the game. This time, however, the final outcome was not favorable as Colorado scored four late runs to take an 8-4 victory at Miller Park and even the series.

Before departing, Estrada allowed nine hits but no walks, and his total of eight strikeouts showed he made some pitches when necessary.

"He was really good to some batters. His fastball down and away to right-handed batters was outstanding," said manager Ron Roenicke. "But then he'd lose it a little bit.

"His off-speed pitches, which he usually gets command of as the game goes along, he didn't get command of. He would throw a good one then come back and hang one. But he was really good at times. It's just getting consistent. He'll get it. He's got great command; he'll get it."

Estrada found trouble in the second inning when the first three batters collected singles, sending home a run and leaving two on with no outs. He quickly put on the brakes, however, retiring the next three hitters to hold Colorado to a 1-0 lead.

After the Brewers went on top, 2-1, in the bottom of the inning, Estrada struck out the first two hitters in the third before serving up a 2-0 fastball that Tulowitzki pounded far over the left-field fence.