I have been asked many times in recent weeks if I think the Milwaukee Brewers will sign right-hander Kyle Lohse, and my response has been the same each time.

I will believe the Brewers are not going to sign Lohse when I hear he has signed with another club.

This is not to say the Brewers are going to sign Lohse, a free agent who remains unsigned due to the combination of contract demands and draft compensation. In fact, general manager Doug Melvin repeatedly has said he is not going to sign Lohse.

But, you have to ask this question: Which major-league team would benefit most from adding Lohse to its starting rotation?

The Brewers would have to be at or near the top of that list, something that agent Scott Boras has reminded team owner Mark Attanasio more than once. The Brewers are committing to a group of inexperienced starting pitchers for 2013 on the hope that they will repeat their showing from the second half of last season.