A slow start from Kentucky's Skal Labissiere has led to some early panic and criticism. We haven't witnessed what the NBA mock draft boards and recruiting rankings suggested we would. Labissiere, who'd been viewed as a potential top pick in June, has come off the bench to average just 9.2 points and nearly more personal fouls (3.3) than rebounds (3.5) per game.

With the narrative shifted to Labissiere's overrated billing, we've gotten to where his mistakes have become magnified. No missed shot or rough stretch goes unnoticed.

And maybe it's time we back away.

Karl-Anthony Towns wasn't written off after a quiet first two months at Kentucky. Before emerging as the 2016 NBA Rookie of the Year favorite and the No. 1 pick in last summer's draft, he'd averaged 8.2 points through his first 13 games in college. Towns finished without a shot attempt against North Carolina (December 13, 2014) and followed with four points in 20 minutes against UCLA (December 20, 2014).