It was an inadvertent slip but the moment perhaps answered the question: Why was Brett Hull at Scottrade Center on Monday night to formally accept a position as vice president of the Blues?
Following owner Tom Stillman to the podium Hull said: “I’m really proud to be a part of Tom’s vision to bring back — to bring — a Stanley Cup to the city of St. Louis...”

The Blues of course never have won a Stanley Cup. And although they appear to have built a roster that is on the verge of contending for one the franchise needs to become more financially viable off the ice.

Hull who won Stanley Cups in Dallas and Detroit and said a hole remains in his heart because he didn’t win one during 11 fabulous seasons in St. Louis has tried his hand at hockey operations. He was a co-general manager with the Stars from 2007-09 and found the work to be full of “minutiae.”

Hull 49 saw his future on the business-relations side and after months of speculation that he would rejoin the Blues No. 16 returned home Monday believing that he can help lead the city to its first-ever championship in a capacity far different than perhaps many envisioned.

“I never wanted to leave …after 15 years ... I’m glad I’m back I can tell you that” Hull said during a news conference that was open to the public and drew a crowd of several hundred fans.

But anybody who thinks that Hull is back simply to flash his familiar grin to Blues fans and the business community that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“I don’t think it’s just a matter of shaking hands” Stillman said. “He’ll be involved in the substance of selling and showing people and companies in the market that this is an organization that you want to be associated with.”

The Blues have made some in-roads in convincing the business community to get more involved but there’s still a ways to go in selling suites and season tickets.