Over the last couple of days, I've taken a look at the ZiPS projections for the likely 2013 Orioles lineup and rotation. The last part of the team that's left to take a look at is the bullpen. This was perhaps the biggest unexpected strength of last year's Orioles team, and all of the key players will be returning. What does ZiPS think about their chances to be one of the best units in the league again?

Remember, ZiPS looks at every player, including some who will come nowhere close to the big leagues this year, projecting their performance based on other players who have had similar careers. Did you know that new side-arming convert lefty Mark Hendrickson's #1 comparison is named Boom-Boom Beck? How do you think someone gets the nickname of Boom-Boom Beck?

You can still find the full set of projections for yourself on Fangraphs. There is a lot of noise in the post, such as the aforementioned Hendrickson, though that's also part of what makes it cool.