LeSean McCoy likes to call Chip Kelly an offensive “genius.”

A stretch? Maybe. Then again maybe not.

The Eagles have churned out 2710 yards on offense seventh-most in NFL history after six games. In his first NFL coaching stint of any kind Kelly has produced the first offense in league history to rack up at least 425 yards in each of its first six games.

“Look Chip is a genius” McCoy said. “He knows how to put the stuff together. Just like the defense can make adjustments and get what they want Chip can do the same thing.”

One specific play from the Eagles’ 31-20 win over Tampa illustrated McCoy’s point about Kelly’s ability to get his desired matchup. With Kelly it’s all about mathematical advantages and the first Eagles touchdown over the Bucs is an education in simple math.

On the opening drive Nick Foles marched the offense to Tampa’s 4-yard line where Kelly not only capitalized on favorable numbers but also the perception that Foles isn’t a threat to run.