As the season gets underway, an inevitable outcome is that various teams don't meet their expectations. That can mean a number of different things such as a subpar record, or young players failing to take the next step. Regardless of what the exact reason is, failing to meet predetermined goals generally winds up costing the manager his job.

Changing managers is perceived as the easiest way to change the culture of the clubhouse, and to send a wake-up call to the players. While we're less than two weeks into the start of the 2016 season, there are already a number of managers on the hot-seat, and thanks to Bovada, we have the odds as to who's most likely to get fired.

Fredi Gonzalez - 1/1

The Braves have started out 0-9, and while they weren't expected to compete for a playoff spot this year, a winless record this far into the season isn't helping Gonzalez hold onto his job. Atlanta is very clearly in rebuilding mode, but that doesn't mean they were supposed to be this bad.

As a team, they're hitting .196/.291/.269 with a wOBA of .269, and a wRC+ of 53. According to fWAR, they rank last in terms of offensive output (-0.9), while their pitching staff ranks 27th. The Braves are hoping to be competitive in 2017, when their new park opens, and if they want a new manager to help lead the charge, it would make sense to make a change sooner rather than later.

Walt Weiss - 7/2

Weiss was hired by the Rockies before the start of the 2013 season, and in his three-plus years as manager, they've gone 208-278. Heading into 2016, they weren't pegged as a contender, but that doesn't mean Weiss has any job security.

When he was named Colorado's manager, Dan O'Dowd was the GM, however since then, the Rockies have restructured their front office, and Jeff Bridich is making the calls. Whenever a new GM comes into the fold, it's no surprise to see them oust the current manager in favor for someone of their own choosing. Instead, Bridich chose to keep Weiss, although that could change if the Rockies don't show any improvement this year.

Paul Molitor - 4/1

If this list were up to me, Molitor would be at the top. Despite Terry Ryan's lack of offseason moves, the Twins were expected to be competitive in 2016.