Atlanta Braves general manager Frank Wren asked Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum to get his team to leave the field after some Cubs players refused to do so while warming up before Friday night's game at Turner Field.

The Braves were taking batting practice and wanted to do some outfield drills, but Cubs players were playing catch in left field. Wren could be seen trying to wave them off the field and yelling at them, but the Cubs didn't budge. That's when Wren stormed into the Cubs' clubhouse.

"Some people need to read the rules," he yelled.

Slowly the Cubs started to come in from the outfield.

"He came in and asked me a favor if I could keep the guys off the field so they could do some defensive work," Sveum said. "Realistically, two teams can't be on the field at the same time."

Some Cubs players were annoyed at the behavior of Wren, who yelled several times at them to move so his team could shag fly balls.