This post is premature, I'll admit. As impressive as Andrelton Simmons' debut season was, it was also very brief. In addition, we only have two seasons' worth of minor-league numbers (and only about a half-season in the high minors) with which to judge Simmons' capabilities.

Throw in the fact that Simmons was never a top-50 prospect and there just doesn't seem to be much reason to extend him now. The Braves will likely wait at least a year before trying to sign him long-term.

And yet... I can't help but think that, aside from Jason Heyward, Simmons is the Braves' most valuable long-term asset, and in terms of risk and reward, perhaps the best extension candidate. The suppositions behind this idea (I wouldn't quite dignify them as "reasons") are based on Simmons' ability to provide significant positional and defensive value. A quality defensive shortstop who can also hit a little is worth his weight in gold*, after all.