Ryan Braun's right thumb is still an issue, and the only solution may be surgery.

Braun has been dealing with nerve issue in his thumb since early in 2013, a season during which he .298/.372/.498 with 11 home runs before sitting out the final 65 games due to suspension. While most players would love to put up those kinds of numbers, they represented arguably the worst season of Braun's career.

The injury also forced Braun to the disabled list in June last year for the first time in his career. He said this off-seasonthat he had been feeling good and his time away had allowed him to heal. Braun also crushed the ball in spring training with a 1.306 OPS, so there was little reason to doubt that.

Now, however, he is suffering from numbness bad enough that he can no longer tell how hard he is gripping a baseball. He has also developed a bad case of blisters.