The prognosticators who suggested Ryan Braun had no chance of winning his big banned-substance arbitration case aren't looking any better with their predictions of a certain on-field demise for Braun.

They figured he wouldn't be able to take the pressure that would come with many, if not most, folks presuming his guilt in the banned-substance case, never mind that he won the case.

They figured he'd wilt with all the boos that were sure to come on the road, never mind that the reaction has been fairly muted with the exception of Atlanta. (Braun's hometown of Los Angeles later this month is expected to be the worst as most Dodgers fans figure Matt Kemp should have won the 2011 MVP.)

They figured he'd wilt with Prince Fielder no longer in the lineup.

And, of course, they figured he wouldn't be able to perform as before without the alleged substances he'd obviously have to do without now.