Despite what it seems like after the Browns' 27-6 loss to the Colts the sky is not falling in Berea quarterback Brandon Weeden said today.

"I don't think there's any reason to push the panic button like a lot of people want to but we've got to learn from it'' said Weeden. "We've got to take the things that we didn't do very well and correct them and get better come Thursday and moving forward when we play Miami.''

He said he was referring to folks outside the building not anyone in the organization.

"People are creatures of habit. You lose a game and it's just like everybody wants to (panic)'' he said. "But the attitude in here's been great all day. It's not in this room. We're excited. We saw the mistakes and they're all fixable.''

He acknowledged that the offense's woeful performance against a good Colts team was a wakeup call.

"Sometimes you need that'' he said. "You need a little slap in the face to say 'listen you've got to continue to grind.' It's human nature to get a little ahead of yourself but what better timing. It doesn't count in the win-loss record.''

He said the loss should be kept in perspective.