Brandon Saad has spent the past two scrimmages adjusting to the center spot. And while there are some growing pains with a position he’s never played before Saad said he’s feeling better with each opportunity there.

“I felt better today than yesterday” he said after Saturday’s scrimmage with Team B; he again centered Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa. “Yesterday was a new experience. Talking with the coaches position-wise playing today there I felt much better.”

Coach Joel Quenneville agreed.

“He looks all right” he said. “He seems like he has the puck has play recognition there. Defensively that's continued to be a work in progress but I like him there right how so we'll see.”

Saad knew ahead of time that working on faceoffs was priority. But Quenneville has said there’s always the option to throw a better faceoff person in the circle; Sharp certainly could. But there are some other adjustments for Saad too that just come with his being a wing his entire career.