You better believe the rest of the Western Conference this morning has taken notice of what went on Tuesday night in the Rose Garden.

It wasn't just that the Trail Blazers beat the mighty Dallas Mavericks.

It was how.

Or more precisely, with whom.

In a performance that probably sent more than a few shivers down the spines of the upper echelon teams in the West, Brandon Roy on Tuesday scored 21 points, including 10 in a pressure-packed fourth quarter to help the Blazers beat Dallas 104-101.

It was vintage Roy, too, not just a bunch of jump shots. He was slashing. Attacking. Dribbling behind his back in traffic. Directing the Blazers offense. And, of course, hitting big shot after big shot.

When the final horn sounded LaMarcus Aldridge found Roy on the court and wrapped his arms around Roy's head. He spoke into his ear.

"I told him 'Good game. Welcome back,'" Aldridge said.

The news of this growing development won't be met with that same welcome in San Antonio, Los Angeles, Dallas or Oklahoma City -- all potential first-round playoff matchups for the Blazers.

Imagine the twinge of nerves running through Gregg Popovich, Phil Jackson and Scotty Brooks this morning, hearing that the Blazers have ol' No. 7 back in action, running the show, teamed with Aldridge.

They already know what Dallas coach Rick Carlisle saw firsthand Tuesday.

"When he's healthy," Carlisle said of Roy, "he's a huge difference maker."

Of course, Tuesday was one game. There's no assurance Roy wakes up this morning and doesn't have debilitating swelling on either of his knees. The health of his knees -- both of which were operated on in January -- is that precarious.