Brandon Phillips is a strange guy and I don't necessarily mean that as an insult. He's great to fans and not just in the superficial way that some athletes are "great" to fans when the cameras are on but not so great when the cameras are somewhere else. Behind the scenes Phillips does great work with fans around Cincinnati helping causes that nobody hears about because that's what he wants to do.

Don't get me wrong here: I'm not attacking Brandon Phillips' character.

But he's a strange guy. He doesn't like the media and while that in itself doesn't make him strange -- hell that makes him smart -- it's the way he doesn't like the media the way he invents reasons to dislike us ...


The latest was his profane explosion Wednesday at a Reds beat writer who dared to tweet out Phillips' on-base percentage. Phillips poked fun at the writer's physique -- which coming from a professional athlete is a tiny thing to do.

Phillips has taken issue with me twice over the years and I've been in the Reds' clubhouse only eight or 10 times. And both times it was ... strange.

Look athletes take issue with me all the time. And most of the time I deserve it. I had a (bad) radio show in Cincinnati and I was honest brutal in my assessment of Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey and those guys didn't like me. When I was in the clubhouse they threw bottles of water at walls near where I stood. Dunn once put a ball in a sock and swung it menacingly near me and asked why on the radio that week I had compared his outfield play to a dog chasing a Frisbee.

Dunn and Griffey didn't like me? I get it.