Players have been meeting this morning with Mariners manager Eric Wedge and pitching coach Carl Willis and it’s now official that Class AA prospect Brandon Maurer has made the team as the No. 4 starter.

Blake Beavan will be the fifth starter when the season opens. The reason for slotting Maurer fourth? Likely to spare him having to debut in Chicago against a slugging White Sox team at the bandbox known as U.S. Cellular Field.

Erasmo Ramirez threw a minor league game today, had trouble getting his breaking ball over and, as reported yesterday, was optioned to Class AAA after the outing. Jeremy Bonderman was reassigned to minor league camp after getting lit-up midway through yesterday’s Cactus League outing against the Royals.

Maurer’s first move upon being told the news was to leave the clubhouse and call his parents in Newport Beach, Calif.

“It was good,” he said. “I think my Mom was kind of getting choked up and my Dad was just rambling on about random stuff.”

Maurer is from California, but said he’s never seen a game at The Coliseum in Oakland, where he’ll make his debut next Thursday.

“Never did, no,” he said. “I went to a lot of Angels games growing up and I got to throw at Angel Stadium in high school, which was kind of fun.”

His folks are trying to book a flight to Oakland from the LA area as we speak.

Maurer agreed this camp has been about more than just making the majors.