It’s not exactly panic time just yet, but at least one Piston is tired of the “it’s still early” mantra and is beginning to get antsy with the inconsistent play in the first 15 games of the season.

Brandon Jennings even uttered the phrase, “no excuses,” in referring to what the Pistons’ mind-set should be, not long after feeling the sting of a whipping at the hands of the Chicago Bulls.

“We can’t keep preaching that ‘we gotta get on the right track’ or ‘it’s too early,’ ” Jennings said. “We need a sense of urgency. We have to start turning the corner. It’s already been a month into the season; we just passed Thanksgiving.”

Andre Drummond said something of the sort after they lost back-to-back games to the Atlanta Hawks, but coming off the Josh Smith benching, and factoring in the frustration of a loss and his precocious age, it was largely written off.

Jennings’ words hold a little more weight because of both his experience (fifth year) and his title of point guard, which inherently says he’s in a position of leadership.

“It starts with me, putting pressure on the ball and holding guys accountable and also myself,” he said. “I have to be more vocal.”

Jennings struggled after a hot start against the Bulls, with just two points and one assist after the first quarter. With backup point guard Will Bynum likely out for the foreseeable future with another hamstring strain, Jennings likely will have the ball in his hands even more — with an opportunity to back up his poignant beliefs with some heady play.

“This is when teams pick up the pace and start showing who they really are,” Jennings said. “We can’t keep dwelling on it’s early, it’s a new team. We had the whole preseason, we’ve played games. No. It’s time to buckle down.”

Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks said Jennings’ thoughts are his own and not something from the coaching staff, but he’s still trying to keep focus on the big picture.