With every day that passes, the strange Brandon Jennings case seems headed toward a resolution that neither party wants.

If Jennings bounces back to the Bucks on a one-year contract for the qualifying offer of $4.5 million, the point guard won't get the big money and the big market he thought was coming to him.

And the Bucks, who made their preference known with their unsuccessful pursuit of Jeff Teague while Jennings was hanging in limbo, would be stuck with a guy they'd rather not have around anymore.

Of course, the best solution would be a sign-and-trade deal. It's what Jennings' handlers and the Bucks want. Problem is, the Bucks can't find a suitable trading partner that has both the need for a point guard and something they'd want in return.

If a team makes a play for Jennings, problem solved. Let him go and move on. But more and more, it's looking like short-term coexistence will be required of Jennings and the Bucks.

As awkward as Jennings' one-year return would be, I'm thinking a potentially bad situation could actually become a good thing next season for player and organization with a lot of work and understanding on both sides.

In a contract year, Jennings would be highly motivated to become the player he thinks he is and get the money he thinks he's worth. With a new coach and without the friction caused by Monta Ellis' presence, it's possible that Jennings' attitude could be reshaped to make something of next season for the Bucks.

Once the season begins, player-management tensions typically abate under the competitive routine of every-other-day games. Losing could bring them to the surface, as happened in the second half last year when the Bucks' season and Jennings' game went south at the same time.

It would be incumbent on Larry Drew to convince Jennings that one more year in Milwaukee could be a positive development for the Bucks and the advancement of the player's career. It won't be easy because Drew coached Teague in Atlanta and it's reasonable to assume that the coach wanted his guy to run the show here.