For what I believe is just the second time this offseason Branden Albert spoke at length about his contract situation and the start of free agency on March 12. The first time came with 610 Sports a few weeks ago and on Monday night he talked with the Sports Syndicate, where he said his impending free agency is not all about the money. (Note: I find it cool Albert talked about all this stuff with an untraditional media outlet, like the Sports Syndicate.)

"Everybody says he's lobbying because he wants top money," Albert said. "I'm not lobbying because I want top money. First of all, I had a great contract. I was a first round draft pick. I had a large percentage of money to begin with."

Albert's rookie contract was five years, $15-ish million. So John Dorsey probably doesn't mind hearing him call that a great contract.

"My thing is this," Albert continued, "do not disrespect me. Like I told people before, I worked at my craft. From when I came into the league until now, it was rough [at times]. I had a great rookie year, the second year was rough, the third was rough, last year was a lot better, and this year was great. I finally got to that platform where people know me as a great football player.