With free agency looming, center Elton Brand would like to return to the Dallas Mavericks for a second season.

And he hopes to help make amends for the disappointing non-playoff 41-41 record the Mavs put on the boards this season.

"Free agent-wise, of course I'd like to be back,'' Brand said Thursday. "Like I said (Wednesday), .500 for this organization, that is definitely a failure.

"I don’t want to be a part of that. It left a bad taste.''

So bad that Brand would like to return so he can help the Mavs -- their 12-year playoff streak was snapped -- right that wrong.

"I definitely want to be here on a winning team and try to rectify what happened this season, if possible,'' Brand said. "To break this streak and not be a part of the playoffs, that’s
the most disappointing part.''