Elton Brand is getting used to playing with a splint on his dislocated right little finger, but that doesn't mean the 76ers forward likes the situation.

Brand hurt his finger in a Feb. 27 game in Cleveland and dislocated it again in the next game, March 1, against Dallas.

He has been wearing a splint, which he doesn't like, but he realizes it is a necessity.

"I've adjusted to it," Brand said after Tuesday's 110-100 win at Indiana. "I think I'm playing well, having shot 50 percent in my last three to four games and rebounding pretty well, so it's not a big deal."

Entering Wednesday's home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Brand had made 21 of 40 shots in his previous three outings.

Brand scored 13 points on 5-of-15 shooting against the Thunder.

There is still discomfort, he said. "I've taken some bumps on it but we're having a nice run and I can't sit," he said. "We're having so much fun and I want to keep playing and be out there."