If Friday night's loss in Washington was the worst defeat of the season, then the 95-90 victory over the Atlanta Hawks at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night was the most needed win of the season. After all, another loss could have sent the season spiraling out of control at the worst possible time of the season.

Truth is, Sixers' coach Doug Collins says the loss against the lowly Wizards conjured up those old memories of the 3-13 start to last season. That was a dark and foreboding time that no one is interested in revisiting any time soon.

But there were moments in Saturday night's game where it didn't seem as if the Sixers were going to find it in time. They trailed by six points during the early going of the fourth quarter and by as many as nine points in the first half.

Nevertheless, when it was go time, the Sixers had enough for a fourth-quarter stand that may have saved the season.