Here’s a thing about Tom Brady maybe you hadn’t noticed. Guy never shuts up about other people sleeping.
It’s always, “Make sure you get your rest...” and “It’s important for us to get our rest...” From postgame breakdowns to press conferences, the guy never tires talking about not being tired.

Brady has opened a sports performance shop at Patriot Place and, when that place has a grander opening than the soft one it’s had to this point, we’ll get a longer look at what Brady favors in terms of good health. Suffice to say rest will be part of it.

“It’s a physical sport and injuries happen all the time,” Brady said when asked why he’s always pummeling the rest angle. “Sometimes you overdo things and the only time to recover is when you give yourself some time to take a break, whether that’s a Tuesday afternoon or a whether that’s a good night’s sleep. Those are all important this time of year. The games come to you so quickly. It’s really a marathon for us. It starts in late July and it’s just a mental and physical marathon.”

Were it not for the blown ACL in 2008, Brady would have played in 185 straight games dating to 2001. He also has started 24 playoff games. He is phenomenally well-conditioned.

“The thing about football is that if you get hurt, it doesn’t matter; you’re playing next week,” he explained. “You’ve got a game next Sunday. So, over the course of the week you’ve got to figure out ways to do the best so you can be at your best the following week. It’s not like most people where if you get injured, you get injured and you deal with it and you work through it. In our job, yeah you try to work through it, but you can’t postpone the game.