There are whispers that Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett won’t survive if his team doesn’t win the NFC East.

According to Fox analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw, Garrett never should gotten the job in the first place.

The affable Bradshaw was uncharacteristically harsh on Sunday while discussing Garrett and the current state of the Cowboys. Speaking on Fox NFL Sunday, he said:

“[Jason] Garrett in Dallas is no head coach. He never should’ve been hired in the first place. He’s just a yes man for Jerry [Jones].”
Isn’t being a “yes man” for Jerry Jones the exact reason Garrett would have been hired? The fact that he’s not Bill Parcells likely played a huge role in Garrett’s hiring.

In the same segment, former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson questioned Garrett’s leadership abilities, suggesting Dez Bryant’s walk-off was because Garrett has no control of the team.

“If a player leaves the field early, who is he responsible to, who does he answer to, where is the fear? To have a championship team you have one voice, one leader, and that’s the head coach. Now, I love the Cowboys, but I don’t like the way this team is structured.”