The evolution of Avery Bradley into an all-around, high-impact talent is undeniable.

He plays with the kind of stealth-like confidence that the Boston Celtics desperately need as they continue to cope with a season's worth of injuries.

Part of Bradley's confidence stems from the many teammates that stood by him during his days of inactivity while he recovered from an assortment of injuries. One of the more steady voices in his ear during those times was Rajon Rondo, who is out for the rest of the season following a torn right ACL injury.

And so it is Bradley who finds himself being the voice of encouragement now to Rondo.

"We're like brothers at the end of the day," Bradley told "It was easy for me to hit him up, especially because he was there for me. That's what I try to do for him, because I know it's hard; not being able to play, be there for your teammates. All we can do is go out there and continue to play."

As the C's continue to rack up wins in Rondo's absence, speculation will only increase about whether Rondo can successfully integrate himself next season with this team if the C's elect to keep the bulk of this current team together.

While it's hard to buy the notion that the Celtics are a better team without Rajon Rondo, there's no mistaking that they have played some of their best basketball of the season in his absence.

"I'm happy," Rivers said with the team's play of late. "I don't know if I'm surprised. I just believe in this team. It's just ... the guys are pulling together. We've changed a lot of what we've done. We've become a ball movement team."