Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal said Friday he’d lose some respect for a teammate who stayed on the sidelines the way Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose did this season.

“A little bit. Yeah, I would,” Beal said in an interview with Washington radio station WJFK-FM (via The Washington Post).

Beal was surprised that Rose didn't come back from 2012 surgery to repair a torn ACL.

“The type of player (Rose) is, and the mentality and competitiveness that he has, I think he would have gave it a go. I don’t know what was holding him back,” Beal said.

Right after Beal said that, he offered his theory.

“I think he’s scared it’s probably going to happen again and he won’t be the same,” Beal said. “But you’re never the same after an injury. But you just have to fight through it and do something else to be able to impact the game. I’m not sure what it is he has to do. I really can’t speak for him.”

The Bulls said in March that Rose was able to return, but Rose kept insisting he wasn’t ready to play.