John Wall took an outlet pass from Marcin Gortat and immediately saw Bradley Beal racing for the left corner. With the Detroit Pistons crowded him as he zipped into the painted area, Wall flipped an underhand pass to Beal, who buried a three-pointer that led the former to hop up and down and whirl three fingers in his face.

On the next possession, Wall took an outlet pass from Nene and again sprinted up the floor, sucking in the defense again before losing his dribble. Wall recovered and found Beal wide open in the right corner for another three-pointer.

The 35-second sequence in the Washington Wizards’ 106-82 victory over the Pistons was stunning for perhaps two reasons: The night before, Beal looked as if he would miss significant time after being carried off the court by teammates because of a left knee injury. And, of all the players Detroit would decide to leave wide open, they chose Beal?

Beal scored 15 points as the Wizards delivered their most authoritative victory of the season.

The win came after the worst loss of the season, a 22-point beatdown in Minnesota, where Coach Randy Wittman said the Timberwolves were the “tougher” team. Wittman demanded more physical play from the Wizards, especially against a Pistons team that has routinely manhandled the Washington over the past two seasons.