Brad Richards did not skate at Nassau Coliseum Thursday morning and will miss his second straight game when the Rangers take on the Islanders at 7 p.m., but Richards did deliver the good news that he is not dealing with a concussion from the Patrick Kaleta hit Sunday night.

“It’s not a long-term thing,” Richards said in a hallway outside the Rangers’ locker room. “I went in (to the boards) pretty hard. I’ve just got to let the body regroup a little bit here … Obviously, the neck and back are a little locked up.”

Richards was asked how relieved he feels that he is not experiencing concussion symptoms, which forced him to miss games with the Dallas Stars during the 2010-11 season.

“Yeah, I don’t know where you want to start on how bad it could have been,” Richards said. “Overall, I’m standing here talking about trying to play right now, and that’s a few days after (the hit), so I’m pretty fortunate I think.”

Richards tested himself on the ice at Tuesday morning’s skate in Greenburgh but that day said “sometimes you just think if I get going, I’ll get moving, but that morning it went the other way.

“It’s getting better as the week goes,” he continued. “Each day I wake up and hope I can get out and do something, but there’s no sense in making it go backwards and not being able to help the team.”