Brad Marchand avoided embracing the phrase “turning point” when talking about the game in mid-December against the Vancouver Canucks, but it’s pretty apparent he’s been a different player since that point in time.

In 33 games up to and including the 6-2 loss to Vancouver, Marchand had posted 5 goals and 16 points to go along with a plus-7 rating. In the 21 games since the defeat at the Canucks -- where Marchand got called to the carpet by Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli for taunting the Vancouver bench with an imaginary Stanley Cup hoist when the B’s were down by three goals in the third period -- Marchand has 12 goals and 17 points along with a plus-14 rating.

“I thought I felt good in that game,” said Marchand. “It seems like after that game things clicked a little bit better. I wouldn’t say it was because of that game, but after that it seemed that I did score a little bit more.”

Claude Julien said the whole incident is in the rear-view mirror, and Chiarelli closed that window when he effectively bottled up any shot the Bruins would trade the impish winger.

“Those things were dealt with internally. I think most of us have turned the page, and are moving on. They’ve got a different coach and different players,” said Claude Julien. “We talked about it. I don’t know that I want to revisit that as much as you guys do. It’s been dealt with and [Marchand] has moved on.

“There’s no doubt he’s been a better player since. That’s what you try to accomplish as a coach, and as an organization: doing the right things, so you’re players can head in the right direction.”

But the results for Marchand and the B’s since then have been unmistakable.