Brian Boyle was genuine in his frustration while recalling the final play of Sunday's intra-squad scrimmage.

Despite notching both goals for Team White Boyle shook his head in referencing the waning moments when defenseman Anton Stralman notched a power-play goal for Team Blue with 2.7 seconds remaining.

Keep in mind this was not the regular season. Not even a preseason game either. Just an organized scrimmage between teammates in training camp a last-minute idea designed to give the new coaching staff a feel for their personnel in game-like situations.

"Anton scored that goal with just a few seconds left and that pissed me off" Boyle said. "It sucks. Probably because we haven't played anything meaningful in so many months but I think that's like a lot of guys in here. You want to win. It's the worst thing in the world to lose."

That mentality seems consistent with the initial impression new coach Alain Vigneault received from the hulking centerman.

"The thing that stood out to me is that he wants to win" Vigneault said about the 28-year-old Boyle after the scrimmage.

Vigneault said Boyle has been eager to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the new system. One of the most important principles Vigneault has already tried to instill is the need to play in the dirty areas of the ice.

That much Boyle has processed as he drove the net hard to score the first goal of the scrimmage a play that left him almost up-ended from the force with his skate blade dangling near goaltender Martin Biron's mask.

Boyle knows that he's at his best when he's making plays just like that using his big body to create opportunities and give opposing goaltenders trouble.

"Everybody likes having the puck and making plays. That's not really when I'm at my best though. I can get in trouble that way. I'm not going to produce much from the perimeter" Boyle said. "I think in tight towards the net not only for me but hopefully the guys I'm playing with it creates room for them. It's good to be reminded of that every day. You do it and it becomes a habit."