Dan Boyle is aware that his name has been mentioned in recent trade rumors, and he’s not very happy about it.

“It’s not fun. I certainly don’t enjoy it. I do the best that I can to try and keep it out, but it gets to you. I don’t like hearing that stuff,” he said on Wednesday morning in Edmonton, where the Sharks will play the Oilers.

The latest mention of Boyle’s name came from a TSN “Insider Trading” segment on Tuesday night. Pierre Lebrun said he expects general manager Doug Wilson to make some sort of move or moves prior to the April 3 deadline, which isn’t surprising considering the Sharks’ 5-10-6 mark since Feb. 1.

Boyle has a limited no-trade clause, and would be an attractive player for several teams, particularly in the Eastern Conference. Many Eastern Conference scouts have been following the Sharks lately.

Lebrun said: “The player to watch right now is Dan Boyle. He's not a UFA – he's not a rental player – he has another year left on his deal at $6.7 million, but he is available for the right price. They are trying to make room for Brent Burns to be the No. 1 guy for the next few years.